Reminder of the Basic Principles

Each PCT member state affiliated with the conceptual self-governance system of Planet+Ultra® will therefore benefit - through its civilizational hub of statistical allocation, i.e. with due respect to both cultural diversities and national sovereignty - from the guarantees of the master-franchise as regards the continuity of web services providing help for self-help in all areas, whereby the objective will be to prevent afflicted areas from falling into societal chaos in the event of a major climatic hazard.

Meta-Reporting Perimeters

Considering that accounting standards are international by design, and that virtualizing (= digitizing) is not good enough to modernize sustainably (= to conceptualize in order to make it work), my NetPlusUltra®-sustained problem-solving process is formulated since its creation so as to enable a rupture of paradigm (with a view to the redistribution of wealth or the reallocation of resources) wherever a rapid transition from ancient (obsolete) practices to (sustainably progressive) new ones must be allowed to occur. In other words: it is not necessary to have experienced world economic shipwreck in the internet of social networks to be considered as eligible for affiliation. What matters most is both the willingness to make things better and the moral integrity of motivations.

Net+Ultra® Dashboard

Conceptual Reporting:

Working Time

Production Assets:

Leisure Time

Consumption Liabilities:

Private Spacetimes of Life

The network experience of the affiliate member of the web-sustained master-franchising system of Planet+Ultra® will be entirely optimized in the interest of the preservation of franchise credits (bonuses) earned from the said experience, regardless of both the nature and the scope of the individual, community of family life project to be created, redeployed or restored. Such a level of franchise guarantees in matters of earned value capitalization requires a backup system for the recovery of intangible assets which is as unbreachable as a black box, and to which only the legitimate holder, or his (her) designated legal representative, will be authorized to resort to in the event of a disaster.

Time for Oneself

Intelligent Design:

Colleagues, Partners

Profolio Configuration:

Family, Relatives

Groupfolio Configuration:

Public Spacetimes of Life

Regarding such activities that are less directly affected, the same "exclusively inclusive" rationale will apply in matters of enabling express adaptation to new environmental constraints, considering that the management costs of the feedback forums dedicated to coordinated solidary action will be integrated into the holder’s unified meta-reporting perimeter, so as to secure the provision, to the entire community of master-franchised users, of the guarantee that all areas are covered, in all circumstances.

Time for Others

Intelligent Feedback:

Prospects, Customers

Netfolio Level:

Friends, Acquaintances

Starter Level:


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