Status Update

A brief status update before we wish ourselves a happy summer camp:

The latest consolidations in progress against the background of the cassation procedure initiated in January 2020 allow me to wrap up the instruction of my declaration of damages (moral + financial + patrimonial = situational) around the structural root causes thereof, which, by the same token, also contributes to the validation of the reasons why my entire web construction site is conceptually beta-locked towards the only acceptable exit strategy, which is the one that leads out of the structural impasse through effective refund in compensation for the prejudice sustained so far, considering further that both the material upgrade and the subsequent reconfigurations of all the building blocks which remain to be assembled into a full array of master-franchising services certified as operational depend on the pending (re)funding.

The current state of my web statistics, which remain frozen since the incident report I submitted right before the start of massive infrastructural migrations at OVHcloud (1), does not at this point allow any accurate conclusion that could explain the persistent regeneration default…which might also indicate that the last squatting instances are in the process of quitting - or being dismissed of (2) - my NetPlusUltra®-sustained concept demonstration path. If this scenario were to be confirmed by the end of the summer, this would also be a development in the right direction, insofar as this demo path (or web tour) must first be "closed" before it can be redeployed (i.e. republished) as part of the next remastering cycle, which is a process that - in any case - can only be started after the unavoidable material upgrade pending, i.e. after the launch of the upcoming production phase (3).

A new "RapidWeaver Classic (4)" version, sold outside the Mac App Store, has recently taken over from RapidWeaver 8, which remains operational, but I have to wait for the release of both "RapidWeaver Elements (5)" and the possible successor of "Stacks (by YourHead Software [6])" in order to finalize my remastering strategy into the next production stage, considering that such a redevelopment does only make sense after the necessary material upgrade pending appropriate (re)funding, as part of the required financial settlement of this litigation.

In the meantime, the optimization of all contents which I will soon have to transfer from macOS High Sierra (version 10.13.6) directly over to macOS Ventura (version 13) continues on my back-office side of the demo.

Daniela BERNDT

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